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Power Centered Relationships close the intimacy gap and neutralize a human dynamic called the Paradox of Power, creating deep, soulful love, healthy communication, and strong bonds, in partnerships that last.

Power Centered

Youth Leadership

Current parenting programs provide valuable skills and knowledge, but don’t cultivate the level of consciousness and agility needed to respond when it matters most; in high-stress moments, when we shut down, get triggered, feel especially vulnerable, and our family is on the line.  

How can you up-level your relationship?

Disconnection is not impacting your relationship, control centered responses are…

Which means traditional relationship skills, standard therapy, and education aren’t enough to solve real relationship problems in the most critical moments. They aren’t enough to up-level your relationship in meaningful ways that last, or create:

Deep and Lasting Trust even if it’s been broken. 
Healthy Communication in tough situations.
Passionate Intimacy even when life is hectic.
Strong Bonds based on radical honesty and authentic alignment.

Especially, when you feel most disconnected!

Power centered Principles trump RELATIONSHIP skillS every time

As humans, we tend to crack under pressure, reverting to unconscious, brain-wired behaviors and emotions designed to protect us when we feel threatened. Responses that are too often based on the past, faulty perspectives, and biased information.  Responses based on a hijacked nervous systems.

Responses that always cost us trust, connection, safety, and intimacy in our relationships: sometimes sacrificing perfectly good relationships, families, and homes.

We call this the Paradox of Power. 

Few people know that the mechanism in our brains responsible for love and desire, also hijacks judgment, especially when pressure is tense, and stakes are high. Causing people to experience false results.  We call this the Power Paradox.

Your relationship with the Paradox of Power will determine how you respond in critical moments, especially when complexity, ambiguity, and chaotic human dynamics are at play.

It’s what causes us to lash out, shut down, freeze up, and turn away, instead of turn toward the very love we desire

Power Centered principles, and the transformational methodologies learned in the I AM Powerful program, neutralize the Paradox of Power and create reliable, healthy, and deeply conscious results and relationships. 

One husband said, “Why isn’t this taught to everyone?  This would have made my entire life so much easier! I have healed more in myself and my relationship in one month than I have in 10 years of therapy.”

A Power Centered Approach is not a skill set

It’s a method of conscious relating, effective problem solving, intelligent emoting, and healthy communicating in your relationships. It’s how you perceive, relate to, and communicate with yourself and others. It’s how you show up in relationships based on how you are wired.

You can learn skills, attend training(s), read books, be coached, and get educated. But if you are not consciously using Power Centered Principles to neutralize the Paradox of Power that we all experience in love and life, you’ll create inconsistent results, relationships that lack depth and authenticity, make costly decisions in critical moments, stay stuck in fights, step out of alignment with yourself and your values, silence you and your partner’s voice, freeze when it matters most, and most of all feel trapped, drained, and frustrated, rather than liberated, amplified, and impactful. Your passion, intimacy, and relationships with everyone, including yourself, will suffer as a result, and be inconsistent or mediocre at best.

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Deep & Lasting










Secure Strong




50% of marriages end in divorce,

60% of us will stay in unhealthy relationships that don’t make us happy and, worse yet,

1 in 3 will experience intimate partner violence…

Fueled by a dirty little secret no one wants to talk about:
Control Centered Relationships

The kind of relationship dynamics that create costly, heartbreaking, and sometimes violent results impacting everyone in the relationship for years to come. 

The kind of relationship that lacks self-awareness, personal accountability, effective and healthy communication, and interpersonal skills that drive passionate, loving partnerships based in real equality, mutual consideration, and lasting joy.

Power Centered Relationships raise the bar, helping you crack open your heart, re-ignite your passion, and experience profound connections so you can remember why you fell in love in the first place.


You can rewire your brain, behaviors, and emotions to respond to ambiguity, complexity, and stress, to feel open and trusting even under pressure,  with Power Centered approaches that connect, over Control Centered responses that protect.

You can learn to make deeply aligned decisions that feel luxurious, problem solve together as a team when it matters most, communicate effectively, honestly, and authentically, and build safe, emotionally intimate relationships with strong and lasting bonds that are purposeful, playful, and passionate.



1. The confidence and ability to work together consistently and unconditionally; to amplify the things that matter most, building a unified vision, in the most challenging circumstances.
2. The pride of building sacred bonds that are conscious, co-created, and lasting because they are built to evolve as a unit, that also honors your individual sovereignty.
3. The relief of truly knowing your partner’s wants, desires, and needs, how to meet them, and being able to communicate and receive the same.
4. The comfort of being able to express your deepest feelings, the bravery to be unapologetic, and the confidence to know your partner will accept you unconditionally, showing up to the relationship in a committed way.
5. The comfort you feel when you can easily manage change, navigate different perspectives, and lean into difficult times, turning them into assets that energize you and your relationship, over deficits that drain you both.
6. The excitement you feel when you are seen, heard, and understood, when you operate on a foundation of agreements that liberate you both, over misled expectations that limit your relationship.
7. The conviction you have when you know each other’s strengths, accept each other’s differences and leverage them to build a stronger team.
8. The swell of confidence experienced when you have courageous conversations in pivotal moments build a sense of connection, alignment, and authentic intimacy you can always turn to.

    Excellent relationships
    end prematurely

    In typical relationships, throughout every day pressures, we think, behave, and emote in unconscious, subtly self-sabotaging ways that leave most lovers frustrated, frantic, and frozen during the most pivotal moments in the relationship.

    This makes everyone in the relationship feel drained, misunderstood, and insignificant in the place where we want to feel the safest, and matter the most. 

    The challenge is, we are actually hard-wired to protect, before we connect. 

    This causes lovers, even in the best circumstances, to unconsciously operate in a control-based approach that shuts down intimacy, communication, and any form of connection. In the face of complexity, ambiguity, and challenges, the kind we face everyday, those control-based automatic responses leave lovers exhausted, at least one person fleeing, and keeps us stuck in relationships that feel disconnected, fraught with misunderstandings, and ultimately lackluster, at best.    


    In relationships, that is disappointing and deflating.


    • Misunderstandings that leave us feeling unheard and disrespected.
    • Lack of intimacy that strips us of passion, play, and adventure.
    • Miscommunications that disconnect us, leaving us to feel alone and isolated.
    • Mistrust causing us to doubt ourselves, our partners, and our relationship.
    • Repeating patterns that trigger us keeping us stuck and unhealthy.
    • Lack of courage, truth-speaking, and bravery leaving us out of alignment with ourselves and our values.
    • Isolated choices that cause us to feel like we aren’t on the same team.

    you are not alone

    Loving couples from around the world are revolutionizing the way they relate to each other with Power Centered Relationship practices, and the Four Principles of Power.



    The Koontz wanted to uplevel their relationship.  A power couple, both successful business owners, on a conscious path, with 4 beautiful children; they engaged in co-facilitated monthly coaching with our partner Jessica Geist, individual private coaching, digital courses, and did annual private VIP relationship retreats.  

    They learned how to listen to each other, take responsibility for themselves, and allow their partner the sovereignty to stand on their own, fully supported in the container of their relationship.  They learned tangible tools to communicate their needs, speak their feelings courageously, and actively listen to one another so that each person felt seen, heard, and deeply understood.  

    As a result they’ve become better leaders, parents, and lovers.  They’ve found a deep sense of emotional intimacy, strong bonds they rely on in tough times, and a sense of teamwork that has amplified tangible results like wealth, personal health, and a sense of passion, play, and purpose in their long term marriage. Together they are now building a conscious and intentional legacy that will impact everyone they touch.

    Our clients find that our programs are best implemented with mutual engagement, with multiple points of contact, and embedded into their entire lives for lasting, organically self-perpetuating results; just like the Koontz have done for almost 4 years with us!

    The power paradox

    Few people know that the mechanism in our brains responsible for love and desire, also hijacks judgment, especially when pressure is tense, and stakes are high.  Causing people to experience false results.  We call this the Power Paradox.

    If you are operating without knowing how the POWER PARADOX impacts you, your partner, or your relationship, then the results you do see may not last, and are certainly coming at cost you don’t need to pay.

    How It Creates A Relationship Gap

    Current relationship development programs cultivate valuable skills and knowledge, but don’t cultivate the consciousness or agility needed to respond in these high pressure moments, under challenging circumstances, when our decisions matter most, intimacy is critical, and love is on the line. 

    Today’s rapid, chaotic world requires conscious love that is courageous, intentional, versatile, and emotionally resourced. To accomplish this, relationship programs must must shift how a lover solves problems, overcomes challenges, makes decisions, navigates change, communicates, and engages in relationships – IN THE MOMENT – under pressure, and when stakes are high.  

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    How Power Centered Relationships Have Impacted their Intimacy, Communication, and Bonds of Love.

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