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Keynotes That Inspire

Our speakers have been on stages for global brands and conferences all over the world.  

We work with clients to craft custom 30-60 minute audience-centric keynotes that are educational, experiential, and deeply interactive.  

Audiences walk away inspired, with tools they can immediately apply.

Local Lunch and Learn

Our facilitators are trained to give you a Power Packed Lunch with innovative insights that will shift your paradigms around leadership and culture.  

We work with clients to craft custom 20-40 minute audience-centric trainings that are educational, experiential, and deeply interactive.  

Audiences walk away inspired, with tools they can immediately apply.

Our Topics

The Paradox of Power

Few people know that the mechanism in our brains responsible for ambition and drive, also hijacks judgment, especially when pressure is tense, and stakes are high.  Causing people to experience false results.   

We call this the Paradox of Power

How is it impacting you, your company, and your life?

Power Centered Leadership

Lean in, Embrace, and Produce in the Face of Challenge, Change, and Complexity, Especially when Most Leaders Get Frustrated, Frozen, and Frantic

The 4 Principles of Power

Activate the Exponential Factor and Amplify Everything You Touch

Ten Indicators of Control Based Leadership

What They Are, How They Choke Your Results and Relationships, and What It’s Costing You!

Courageous Communication

The Seven Steps to Game Changing Conversations in High Stakes Situations

Strengths Based Behavior Management in Business

Why a ‘Drug Dealer’ is Your Best Hire, and What it Has to Do with Managing Your Most Challenging, Confrontational, and Diverse Team Members

Agreement Based Accountability

Thing Single Determining Factor in Creating Fully Engaged, High Performing Teams

Choosing the Right Leadership Development for Your Company

The Five Elements that Make Leadership Development Sticky, Scalable, and Sustainable

Human Development That Produces

Why Most Leadership Development Fails to Produce the Results you Desire and Leaders You Need

Innovation in Brands and StartUps

Why Otherwise Innovative Leaders Shut Down, Limit and Destroy Innovation at Pivotal Moments

Leveraging the Techniques of Community in Corporate Teams

How to Use Community Techniques – Like Circles – to Impact our Collaboration, Team Work, Performance, and Company Culture.

Ancient Technology for

a Modern World

What Ancient and Indigenous Cultures have to Teach us About Precision, Brain Capacity, and Optimizing our performance.


We often develop custom talks and workshops for our corporate clients that speak to their culture, vision, and current situation.  Inquire how we can meet your specific needs. 


What People are Saying

“You were Sensational!”

“I have been on the phone all day with my colleagues who had the pleasure to meet and hear you speak at the conference.  I am delighted to add my name to the list of your admirers.  I am sure I could start a fan club here!”

James Wilkes

Anaheim Police Department

“Charm and Intelligence””

“ShannonRae’s charm grabs your attention, but it’s her smart, concise delivery that holds your attention.  Shannon’s speaking skills will benefit any conference or meeting!”

Dave Wiggins

Former President of California Tourism Society and Security Association


“A beautiful place.  A place for connection, inspiration, empowerment, and growth.  Love abounds.  It’s not possible to walk away without being touched.  ShannonRae is a captivating speaker.  She speaks with clarity, confidence, and passion, throwing in her great sense of humor at just the right time.

Brenda Norwood 

Business Owner

“Quantifiable Progress”

“Employees tapped into the many ideas that stimulated innovative thinking.  I witnessed quantifiable progress, forward movement, and newly defined quality and performance.”

Laurie Neher

President and Founder


“Your positive energy in your body is overflowing, ready to provide light to others in the dark!  Thank you for that experience.”

Tony Mendez

Vice President of Loss Prevention Wyndham Resorts

“Inspired and Motivated”

“ShannonRae has the unique ability of intuiting the words that should be spoken in order to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations!!”

Fran San Diego 

CEO of Quest Business Consulting and CFO of the Year for San Diego 


“ShannonRae is confident and passionate.  She is concise, and I find her to be superior among her peers.”

Robert Toom, CLSD

Director, Risk Management Swissotel


“I was immediately impressed with ShannonRae.  Her likability and enthusiasm immediately puts her audience at ease.  Her candor increases her effectiveness, and her dedication to duty increases her respectability. “

Paul E Masto

President of the Masto Group and Former Special Director of the Secret Service, Nevada

“You Will Call her Back!”

“We’ve seen some amazing results with Shannon. This is a woman with a wide, very diverse range of ability. Whatever your organization may be looking for she can deliver. Everything about Shannon is real. It will touch you, it will touch your team, it will touch your organization in a way that you’ll look back the next day and know that you’re just not the same. The one thing I do want to tell you is that you will call her back!”

Marie Sarno

Executive Vice President of Western Region Hilton Grand Vacations

“Reliable and Effective!”

““ShannonRae has been a valuable asset I turn to with each of our properties over several years, garnering world class results each time. I know I can count on them exceeding the results I ask for; regardless of the budget, time frame or situation.”

Chris Najbicz 

EVP of Hospitality Caesars Palace 

The Logistics

$15,000 plus travel

*Ask for local and non-profit rates

Add Workshops
1 day $40,000

2 days $75,000

Lunch and Learn(s)

$2000 Plus Travel

*Ask for local and non-profit rates

*Email for rates on special collaborations and retreats.

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